Hip-Hop Rumors: Eldorado Red In Protective Custody?

Posted July 9, 2014 by BlackIce in News

Remember Atlanta rapper Eldorado Red? I sure do! He was the dude that was arrested and jailed for the murder of Lil’ Phat. Remember Lil’ Phat was one of Red’s collaborators back in the day, but he was also allegedly looped in with the Russian Mob. That’s a big deal. So, when the Russian Mob and Phat got into a beef, they needed somebody to get rid of Phat, they reportedly got Red to do it. Anyway. They I have a source that has basically said that Eldorado Red is in jail and its not very safe for him in there Seems like Lil Phat was well liked and all that. Seems like Red’s welfare is in jeopardy to the extent that the C.O.s and the warden or whoever realizes he’s gonna get killed in Gen Pop (my use of jail slang). This leads me to have info that says he’s in protective custody. This isn’t really a big deal to me, but I thought I would pass it over to the people. It means something to somebody.

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