Lil Meech (Son Of Big Meech) interview pt. 1

Posted September 3, 2016 by BlackIce in News

Lil Meech currently resides in Miami, Florida with his mother whom he says home schools him. He admits that due to his father’s notorious reputation, he has a hard time while attending public schools because he is targeted and accused of having too much influence, just like his dad.

In the first segment of the interview, Lil Meech discusses his relationship with his father prior to incarceration. Since his father’s incarceration he says he speaks with him “every 2-3 days” and also keeps in touch via emails.

He clarified the rumors of his father being pardoned by President Obama, stating that the rumors are simply “not true.” He does however anticipate his father “coming home soon” due to new laws that the Obama administration is putting into play for non violent drug offenders.

He also speaks on his relationship with rapper and former BMF affiliate, Jeezy, whom he refers to as “family” and his uncle.

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