Oprah Says Harry Belafonte Needs To Understand Jay Z Better

Posted August 13, 2013 by BlackIce in News

Oprah is promoting her upcoming role in the film The Butler and sat down with Shaheem Reid and Life+Times about the movie as well as Jay Z and Harry Belafonte’s war of words.

According to the billionaire mogul, Mr. Belafonte’s views of Jay Z’s social responsibility are rooted in a misunderstanding of different ways to protest:

There are multiple ways to protest. Jay uses his music, his life, his artfulness, his ability as a business man. That is his protest against all of the indignities that not only he has suffered but generations before him have suffered. Harry Belafonte’s mightve been going to Congress or marching and so forth.

Oprah also said she has heard Magna Carta Holy Grail and calls it fantastic.

The Butler will hit theaters on August 16th

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