Man Survives Three Days Trapped At The Bottom Of The Atlantic

Posted June 15, 2013 by BlackIce in News

Harrison Okene has nightmares about the ocean. Sometimes in his sleep he feels his bed sinking and wakes up screaming. But his survival is still nothing short of a miracle.

A tugboat near an oil platform had trouble, then capsized. Harrison Okene was a chef for that oil platform and was on the tugboat when it flipped. There were twelve people on the boat altogether. Ten died. One is missing. And then there is Okene.

The boat capsized but somehow managed to trap some air in a pocket near the front of the vessel. That’s where Okene survived for three days drinking Coca Cola to stay alive. He was rescued when divers were swimming by looking for the bodies of the deceased. Okene heard them and started banging on the hull of the vessel until the divers found him.

The rescue effort was not without its challenges though once they found Okene. Thankfully the divers skill and Harrison Okene’s calm helped his rescue to be a success.

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