Jadakiss Says The Lox Could Possibly Sign To MMG

Posted June 11, 2013 by BlackIce in News

The Lox on MMG? This could be inteteresting.

Jadakiss is signed to Def Jam for “three or four more albums” according to his dialogue with XXL Magazine, which is interesting. Crazy would be the better word, considering in 20 years, he only put four albums out in total. His solo career aside, his D-Block conglomerate is looking for their first deal since their departure from Ruff Ryders Entertainment, and Jadakiss admits there’s probably a forthcoming offer from Rick Ross.

“The LOX might get an offer from MMG. That’s what that’s about. I’m signed to Def Jam though for three or four more albums. But definitely that was one of the places that were inquiring about the new LOX album. You’ll hear about a couple more. The LOX album is definitely coming.”

Let’s be honest, bias aside, this would be a big look for Kiss, Sheek & Styles, the latter of whom has been releasing amazing albums over the past couple years independently. With Top 5 Dead Or Alive on the way supposedly no later than September, and the Lox album in the works, it’ll be a pretty big 2013 for the New York capos.

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