Another Rapper Becomes A Victim Of Gun Violence In Miami

Posted April 2, 2013 by BlackIce in News

Over the last several months several high-profile shootings involving rappers have taken place in the Miami area. Last October buzzing rapper Bizzle was shot and killed in Liberty City.In February another rising MIA emcee, Young Scrilla, took a bullet to thigh during a video shoot in Overtown.Then there was the well publicized January drive-by shooting involving MMG head Rick Ross in Fort Lauderdale.The most recent rapper to become a victim of gun violence in South Florida is 20-year-old Kenneth Casilla also known by his rap name Nu Money of Rich Mafia.

Casilla was shot and killed last week in an apartment complex parking lot in Little Haiti.

“He was in a car with somebody he knows and another guy in the back, and my son gets shot and nobody else gets shot,” Kenneth’s mother, Yvette Casilla, told NY1.

Kenneth was originally from Brooklyn, New York, but the young emcee moved to Miami to further his career in music. His mother says that she believes Kenneth was shot because of envy.

“He wasn’t involved in anything,” said Yvette Casilla. “But jealousy, yeah.”

This was very similar to comments made by Young Scrilla’s mother after her son was shot. Quantrel Scott told Miami’s Local 10 that “jealous people” were to blame in Scrilla’s shooting.

Yvette Casilla believes that her son’s murderer is from New York. Miami-Dade police have not identified a motive for Casilla’s killing, and so far no suspects have been named.

A vigil has been created outside of Kenneth’s Brooklyn apartment.

“They took my son. Why?” Yvette Casilla asked. “What did my son do to them to kill him like that?”

No evidence has been presented to suggest that any of these recent shootings are related.

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