Keyshia Cole Defends Herself

Posted November 29, 2012 by BlackIce in News

”People Are Crazy!”
6:00AM ET November 27th, 2012
Contributor : Erica Moore
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Keyshia Cole Defends Herself

Keyshia Cole’s statements about not knowing if she was “Black” enough to be part of Black Girls Rock sparked a small backlash on Twitter. The singer hopped on the social media site to defend herself and make it clear where she stood.

“#BlackGirlsRock first off I feel ALLGIRLSROCK!! And by the way, I don’t not know what I’m mixed with, nor have I tried to find out/…” she tweeted. “I was raised in Oakland. My mother is a black woman HOWEVER I do not know my father. Nor really car to know! Was thankful to be apart of #BlackGirlsRock I had to just do research. Didn’t know what the organization was about in the beginning.”

“But uplifting young ladies is what I’m damn sure about! Don’t get it twisted,” she continued. “People talking about I said I’m not black? Wtf…People are crazy! They will take your words and do what they want with them! #GetALife”

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