Detroit Rapper King Gordy Shot Five Times

Posted February 7, 2013 by BlackIce in News

King Gordy, known for his outlandish raps about horror, was shot five times several source said.

One of the sources happens be D-12 group member Bizzare who recently sent a tweet out expressing his concern for King Gordy.

“King gordy.. get well my nigga.. I’m praying for u… I’m on way back know to the d,” Bizzarre Tweeted from his account @Bizzaresworld.

Together King Gordy and Bizzare were known as The Davidians.

Most recently the two released a record called “Justin Beiber” in which King Gordy sings, ” I fu**in hate you Justin/ I want to rape you Justin / You’re albums are disgusting / Justin Beiber we’re going to kill you / I want to hurt you Justin/ Put you in a little herse young Justin / F**k your fans in the ass til’ I’m cumming / Justin Beiber we’re going to kill you.”

In the song King Gordy and Bizzare describe raping and murdering Justin Bieber after Bizzare’s 8-year-old daughter is caught listening to the pop singer’s records.

To this day King Gordy is well known for his role in Eminem’s movie 8 Mile acting as “Big O.”

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