Shyne Blasts Diddy & Rick Ross Again

Posted October 16, 2012 by BlackIce in News

”I Gave This Creep the Opportunity To Redeem Himself”
9:30PM ET October 9th, 2012
Contributor : Chris G.
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Shyne called into Hot 97 today (October 9th) and continued his tirade against rapper Rick Ross. An Orthodox Jew, Shyne criticized Ross earlier for releasing a mixtape called “Black Bar Mitzvah.” He went on to mock Ross’ association with Diddy.

“Yo listen blood, [he’s] a straight cornball and I been saying that for a minute now. And one thing about Shyne Po, Shyne Po is consistent. I always speak my mind. I just find it curious that when Shyne Po do his Judaism thing and I’m on my Israelite thing, dudes was taking shots and poking fun at that and now, fat boy is coming out with Black Bar Mitzvah [mixtape],” Shyne said in the interview. “I have a lot of issues with him, but my most important issue is that to me, old boy is like Donnie Brasco. Dudes always say, he makes good music. It’s not about that. It’s about the integrity.”

“He’s the ultimate creep, so creeps stick together. That’s why those two [Ross and Diddy] roll hard, because he’s the ultimate creep,” he added.

“Listen, I’m a gentleman. I try to have honor with everything that I do. So it’s not about Shyne being mad and Shyne hating. Proof of that is that I gave this creep the opportunity to redeem himself and correct the mistake that he knows that he made, that he’s expressed to me over and over again,” Shyne added. “But he’s a creep. He pretends to be sorry. Maybe he even wants to be sorry. But he’s so much of a creep, he just can’t find that part of himself. Like when he say God is great, I think he’s talking about himself. He thinks he’s God. He has no accountability.”

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