EXCLUSIVE: Kurupt Speaks on New Solo Album “Equinox”; Says DPG Album in the Works

Posted February 1, 2013 by BlackIce in News

On Wednesday, AllHipHop.com sat down with one the West Coast’s most respected lyricists, Kurupt, to discuss his new music and the new DPG album in the works.

During the interview, Kurupt elaborated on his mixtape “M.B.P. (Money B**ches Power),” which is hosted by DJ Nik Bean. According to Kurupt, he has a full length album called Equinox that is also on the way.

In Kurupt’s own words, the music he has been putting together is “classic Kurupt.”

“Its fun, my mixtape now is really introducing me Kurupt again, introducing some new artists to the game and hittin ‘em with that classic Kurupt and some new. I’m real excited to see what people think and I’m def shooting some more videos for the project too,” Kurupt told AllHipHop.com. “‘Number One’ is definitely a standout where I flipped the Jeezy and Neyo record and its talking about things that are going on right now in our lives currently – that’s with me, Snoop and Daz. I love rocking the mic and I love MC s**t. I have one produced by The Rejectz that features E-40, I can’t lie that’s one of my favorites.”

Kurupt, who inspired by other rappers that are still performing and younger artists that look up to the rapper and his historic run on Death Row Records in the 90′s, as part of Tha Dogg Pound.

But today, Kurupt remains as relevant as ever.

One example of that relevance came earlier in the week, when Kendrick Lamar told “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show” that Kurupt was one of the major influencers of his style, as he developed his sound.

“This is what I do this is my life, I’m a rapper. This is what I would do whether or not I get paid or not. I love being a rapper, I love rapping on the mic, doing shows.” Kurupt said when asked what keep him inspired after all these years. “Also I get inspired by seeing other people do well. Like people like 2 Chainz, Snoop and Kendrick and people like that, seeing them succeed as well or having inspired them, that’s what keeps me going. All that type of stuff, seeing Kendrick and people who generally have love me for my music and people who came up on my music and hearing people say they were inspired by me, that’s what all my work is for. “

For all those DPG fans out there waiting on a new project, Kurupt also explained that there is a DPG album on the way. They worked on putting a release together over the last year, while on tour with Snoop Dogg.

“We’re working on a new DPG album. ‘That’s My Work Volume 2′ mixtape as well. Snoop got us on tour the majority of the year, we toured with Snoop where we worked on the album and the mixtapes. We ready to drop another classic, we in motion right now. [Snoop] Dogg keeps us on top of the world doing what we love,” Kurupt said.

Check out Kurupt’s most recent video for the track “Power” below:

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