Trick Daddy Talks Supporting Miami Rappers, Never Meeting With Lil Wayne + Artists Getting “Trinidad Jamesed”

Posted September 1, 2014 by BlackIce in Movies / Live Concerts

The record companies are not giving them a chance to be known on a national level, let alone world-wide, because the deals they’re offering them is bulls**t. The new rappers, if they ain’t careful, are gonna get “Trinidad Jamesed.”I’m actually working on music right now. I have a song called “That’s Why We Pray” featuring Kelly Rowland, and I have a song called “Thinking About You” featuring the legendary Michael Sterling.

If you notice, on my features I don’t get the new hot dude. I’m not paying $150,000 for a feature. I’m not doing that, so I’m not gonna get the new hot guy. But I do get the people who I deal with. In the past – on my last eight albums – everybody that I featured I got the person that fit the criteria what the song was about.

My favorite R&B singer is – because she’s so hood and so ghetto and I love her – that’s probably my next move is to try and get Fantasia. I’m f**king with Rich Homie Quan cause I can relate to his music. And Jeezy and Scarface. Jeezy is my brother from another mother, and Scarface is my big brother/uncle as well. So I will always f**k with those guys. Out of everybody else, I fuck with Boosie and Yo Gotti.

It’s a very few of them, because I don’t wanna do music with a dude who gets on a record talking about he’s dope dealing, he a real n****a, and then when I see him he shakes my hand. Don’t shake my hand, real n***as give dap. He’s talking proper on interview and talking ignorant on the record. You’re getting into character? You’re making these kids think it’s cool, but you’re making a fool out of them.

Like some of these dudes with college credits getting on a record speaking like I speak. I don’t say “children.” I say “chillren.” I’m working on music just unfortunately the new hot producers, they get caught being groupies, and all the rappers that are hot now get the good tracks. After while, all the music sounds alike.

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