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07 never give up

Compton, CA – Struggling to survive and overcome violence and poverty is a common image seen in
movies and music about those who live in Compton. For West Coast rapper Cuicide, it’s all just a part
of his life. He’s dealt with hardships from the moment he was born, from having been abandoned by
his parents at only eighteen months old to having to make it through foster homes and more upheavals.
With no place to truly call home, he took to the streets and their offers of gang banging, robbing and
hustling, but even that failed to calm him and eventually lead to an attempt at taking his own life at the
young age of 22 years old. He thankfully lived through that and woke up out of a coma with a renewed
sense of determination to make it. Just two years after the life-changing brush with death that spawned
his rap name, he signed his first record deal and recorded his debut album “Final Exit.”
The album reflected his life before the coma, including constant living on the edge and opened the door
for his future in music. Since then he’s released a second album, toured across Japan, France, and Germany
and taken up acting. The struggles haven’t stopped, as he’s been shot twice in the last four years, including
in the stomach by an AK-47, but through it all he’s developed a desire to never quit. His new album “Never
Give Up” will carry that theme and is sure to give his listeners a true glimpse at overcoming the odds.
“Looking back on my life from the past until now I never gave up and know for sure there is a God and I’m
here for a reason,” Cuicide reflects. “So to the world I say no matter what you’ve been or are going through
you can make it. Always remember OG Cuicide told you never give up.”

07 never give up

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