Posted May 5, 2014 by BlackIce in UnSigned Artist

Growing up in Virginia there were not many local musical influences I could claim as my own. My local lunch room competitors were the fire with which I gauged my hotness. In one session a friend of mine Lew Giles confirmed based on my rhyme bars that the rap game was a place I could succeed. Of course like many young black males growing up in the late 80’s early 90’s the allure of street life and fast money caught my eye. The look of a rapper and the trappings of notoriety led me down the path of crime. Even though I was able to spit a hot bar or embarrass a contender in a open mic freestyle the knot in my pocket kept me away from the stage. Of course that life doesn’t last I soon found that my skill would be my answer from a cell or worse. The pressure, sacrifice and penance that came along with turning my life around helped strengthen my faith. Being a man of God I also realized that to spit verse that includes cursing is not the proper way to share my vision for the righteousness I feel inside. Also to be able to rhyme with precision without cursing differentiates me and maintains the lyrical dominance I know I posses. This rap game is how I will take care of myself and my family thanks to crime I have only this. Hip hop is my life and gratefully my love I will give everything I have to maintain a healthy humble successful career from it. I ask Virginia, the East Coast, the United States and the World to rock with the best $upa P. Dollar sign in front because now I am about the paper!

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