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Posted February 6, 2014 by BlackIce in UnSigned Artist

GiGi Rose “The Next DIVA on the LOOSE”

GiGi Rose, also known as Miss Rose, is a young talented female from Oneonta, NY. She started Singing at a young age, and even though she had a hard time talking, she was able to understand pitch and tone. Her childhood was tough because people could not really understand what she was trying to say. Therefore, the only way she could express herself was through dance moves. At a young age, she started Dance training at her hometown studio. Within her life, GiGi Rose has trained with several talented choreographers, and has done a variety of dance/music events. She started choreographing in middle school and before her music took off she wanted to be a choreographer for other Artist.

Around her teen years, GiGi Rose Speech/dialect improved enormously. She started to learn more about music and what path her voice was going to lead her in; Broadway Musicals, R&B, and POP were mostly her influenced. She was able to gain new training after she graduated High school. While she started college in Kansas, she became more interested in POP/Rap and Hip Hop music. Although she was very fond of Broadway, GiGi Rose was always curious to see if her voice could expand further through different genres. She became part of a Choir that toured all over Europe, and she was exposed to several different genres of music and other cultures. GiGi Rose is always eager to learn more about different styles of music, and improve her skills. During her junior year in College, that quality motivated her to start writing her own lyrics and do her own recordings. At first, she was hesitant to start going down that career path. However, after doing a song with an artist from Africa, she began to grow strong feelings towards this career.

In 2010, she came out with a Collaboration Mixtape, called “M2M; Married to Music Miss GiGi” which is currently on DatPiff.com. In 2011, she released her first single “I know What Boy’s Like” which is currently available on ITunes and other entertainment sites. After all that she released her first music video “Tell A Friend” in March 2012. And in 2013 she released her 2nd Single “Look But don’t Touch” with a brand new video that is currently available on YouTube, Local TV Stations, and other websites.

Some of GiGi Rose’s goals in this industry are to stay truthful, push herself to the maximum, and entertain her fans. Her ultimate goal is to perform, choreograph, and do music wherever her journey takes her. Besides music and choreography, she also loves modeling, acting, and outdoor activities. She also enjoys working with other artists and producers. She believes that it is a good way to gain more information about music and acquire new styles. She loves going on adventures, being creative, trying new things, and having an open heart.

GiGi Rose is also currently working on several major projects as we speak. “Motivation, Loyalty, Determination and Hard work are the key to success,” GiGi Rose stated.

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