Markilla Beats (Beat 297& 299 Preview)

Posted April 30, 2013 by BlackIce in UnSigned Artist
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MKB (beat297) Preview

Dwayne a.k.a Markilla was born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica in 1989. He was involved in the music industry from a young age, writing lyrics from the age of nine, and was encourage by many Jamaican artists such as supercat, shabba ranks and beenie man. Before music art was mark’s first love. After living in Jamaica for fifteen years, dwayne finally came to American in the summer of 2004, during that time spanned he learned a great deal about American and the American culture. Even before he came to American Dwayne was always in tuned with all genre of music specially hip hop. Fascinated by this genre of music Dwayne started to rap, living in America dwayne rapping skills became better, freestyle rapping was a big thing for dwayne.
Dwayne and a couple of friends became real good at rapping, with that being said dwayne started recording himself as well as friends on his younger brother Ricardo middle school computer. Recording his friends was only a stepping stone. Leaning the concept of recording Dwayne took his passion for music to the next level. Using garage band and acid music maker software. Dwayne bought his first music recording software called Magix Music Maker, where all his creativity came into play, Dwayne started making his own beats, making three to six beats in one day, Markilla’s world was finally forming.

MKB (beat299) Preview

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