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The Reality of BNICE

The reality of BNICE is that he is an Artist, Writer, Rapper, Agent, Life Coach, Model, Financial Manager and a disciple of the game chess, with a Class “A” rating. He is considered to be among the new breed of ultra-ambitious and ultra-successful “Young Moguls” of South Florida. Men respect and appreciate him and women adore him. Musically, his themes deal with the realities of his daily life, including his true-life experiences of hardship, his impressive success, his love of women, and his peace with the Almighty.

Identity: BNICE
Occupation: Rapper
Birth Date: January 9, 1987
Education: H.S. Dropout
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Early Life

Born on January 9th in 1987 in the north side of Miami, BNICE is the youngest of three sons of Trinidadian/Chinese descent. He grew up primarily on the streets, running with a crowd often three times his age. While he was highly popular among his peers in high school, he felt that daily school life was limiting and was not convinced conventional schooling was suited for him.

After numerous suspensions and expulsions from school during his teens, BNICE decided to part ways with the school system. He embarked on his own odyssey, creating his reality. Being educated outside the classroom gave him a heads up on what the realities of life really were, as many insiders suggested he would.

BNICE spent 14 months incarcerated in a South Florida prison as a young man. He came out of that experience transformed physically and was more mentally focused than ever before.

A truth BNICE lives by is that if one speaks on how he is living, “it better be the reality.” Known to have very little patience for those who are content to live in a fantasy world and “the pretenders among us,” he has set up a strong group of trusted individuals who are focused on his and his team’s overall success. When he speaks of life, whether it involves wealth, loss and death, sexual conquests, world travel or imprisonment, he speaks from experience.

His lyrical talent has given him the ability and freedom to construct songs with ease. Raised on a diverse diet of musical styles and tastes, his study and knowledge of Hip Hop is unparalleled among his peers. BNICE is preparing to unleash a diverse collection of tracks to the awaiting public.


“I have always been able to speak things into existence. If you
have a solid focused mind you can reach any goals you want
to accomplish. I spoke my success into existence.” – BNICE

Childhood to Late Teens and Early 20s

During his early childhood, a vicious accident almost took his life. An older cousin threw BNICE (then an infant) into rotary blades, causing massive blood loss and severe scarring of his face. It was an early warning to him of the physical battle that lay ahead in his life.

It was a remarkably violent and turbulent time for the young rapper during a six year period (ages 17 to 22). Brutal beatings were a reality all around him and at times it was common and unavoidable for street justice to be doled out verbally or physically, a truth he refuses to deny. The art of disarming an adversary by way of words was a skill he mastered as a young teen and earned him genuine street credibility. He bares the combat scars of engagement on his body and it’s a reminder to him and the people around him that the battle is constant, and to be always prepared.

Now and Beyond

His latest material touch on his sexual prowess (Different Freak, Sexaholic), his taste in the finer things of the world (Flyshit), and his deep solid convictions (Talk to the Father).

He is a master of putting successful ventures and enterprising teams together, seeing lucrative returns for himself and his organizations.

In addition to his work in Rap, BNICE runs a successful model management company and is a sought out motivational speaker, a health enthusiast, a deeply religious man and a private individual. He is considered one of Miami’s most eligible bachelors.

At 25, “the reality” for this chess-thinking rapper is that he has the next move.

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