Messiah (Tha Chozen Son) – Gotta Get Away

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5. Gotta Get Away

Messiah. (Tha Chozen Son)

Born “Pete A. Lawrence” on Oct. 10, 1981, Messiah grew up in the Hampton Roads section of Virginia.. He was first introduced to writing and producing music in 1993 when he moved to Virginia Beach (Lake Edwards). Teaming up with a few family members and friends, the talented young men formed their first group called “Criminal Delinquents” . A year later the group has expanded and decided to change the the group name to “Lyrical Legion” . In 1999, Messiah and another member of Lyrical Legion (Zeek Glockz) decided to branch off and form their own group called “Dirty Potion” . After a few freestyles on the neighborhood corners and school cafeteria, Lyrical Legion became well known for their talent. In 2006, Messiah released his 1st solo project called “Tha New World Slaughter” . The album earned him plenty of recognition threw out his hometown. In 2008 Messiah attempted his 2nd a album which was delayed due to incarceration. In 2010, Messiah was released fr custody and went on release his anticipated 2nd album. called “Tha New Beginning” which was a double CD. After two more members wss added to Dirty Potion, the group did attempt to create a project, but due to the lack of team effort, the album was delayed. Refusing to stop, Messiah moved on to create his 3rd solo album called “Year Of Tha Messiah” which was released in February 2013. Sense Messiah has returned to the music scene, he created his own brand to expose his production side called “Massacre Muzik” . Messiah is currently working on building his production brand by producing tracks for multiple local talents, and has plains on releasing his 4th solo project later on this year. Keep your eyes and ears open for more Massacre Muzik. Stay tuned for more updates.

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