R.Fusion – Zoned Out [Official Music Video]

Posted March 28, 2013 by BlackIce in UnSigned Artist

Bio-When you mention the name R.Fusion, you may think “is this some kind of science theory?” Not at all “Fusion” in science terms means “the act or procedure of liquefying or melting by the application of heat”. So this artist took that definition and used to to tell his competition that he is coming full force with burning talent that cant be stopped. Born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota, Ronald “R.Fusion”Fulford was the 2nd born out of five kids. Growing up in church, he was is involved in choir, youthful events were he emcee or dj for open mic shows. His father, Ronald Fulford Sr. started working with him and his 2 brothers around the age of 12 on lyrics and tracks soon to be a start for a new beginning which got the crew performing on youth nights and then recognized by his uncle “Blue” founder of Reach 1. His uncle brought him and his brothers together to form a group called “Crossmix” then changed to “Profound” after some name issues. They performed for christian night clubs,youth events and college events.As the group got older, separation started to show and the brothers went their separate ways for education. Ronald “R.Fusion “Fulford continued his dream as becoming a artist when basketball wasn’t working out when he went to high school. So he got involved in graphic design,broadcasting, and music production in high school and he found his passion in his talent that grew. He would sell well pressed cd’s at his school to create a buzz for himself and showcase his ability and talent to teachers and students. Some compared his style to Ludacris, tupac, or scarface as he sounds unique, you cant compare him to anyone. He decides not to just speak about money, cars and the wealth fame gives you but the real side of life and experiences he has been threw and speak about how trials and situations make you strong if you have faith to make it out. After he graduated Roseville High School, he did not attend college. He continued his journey of ups and downs being independent with his self-made label called “RATED*R PRODUCTIONZ ” with help from his high school sweetheart being his first model to branch off with him who goes by the name Angie Star. Until this day he is has worked with industry A&R’s from labels, did graphic design for major artist, and closely with DTP to help council him in the right direction. Now teamed up with VIP Management, his has released a single “Rock A Bye” and the video he directed/produced caught allot of eyes on youtube to the point you cant help but wait for his upcoming projects. The Twin City rapper makes a quote his pastor Richard Pittman of House of Praise said to him, “a set back is only a set up for your come back”. Is the industry ready for a profound man like R.Fusion? We will see.


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