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Carlos “Los-C” Danial is one of Norfolk’s and Virginia’s most well known MC’s delivering not only jaw dropping performances but hard hitting mix cd’s for the streets.

This status was not over night and by far not an easy road to travel. While growing up in the streets of Norfolk’s Ocean View/Ocean Air Apts Los-C was introduced to the streets and the drug game and numerous negative hurdles. Unfortunately Los-C had to take a brief stent in the system where he worked on the next step of his life and future. He honed the skills that he played around with in the streets with child hood friends D-Jaying and hosting parties. He sat day after day night after night, and we he finally hit the streets again the world was not ready!
Teaming back up with child hood friends, he sat at the table and presented the ultimate plan. C.U.N.A Minute Music was now formed and production began on Los-C’s first mix CD Norfolk’s Jewl. Los-C introduced not only Virginia to his sleek, cocky, arrogant, raw and witty style but many fans from Carolina to New York.
Dealing with politics from local radio stations about radio spins and marketing, Los-C hooked up with yet another child hood friend to manage his career and direction. Now delivering yet another mix cd “Love For The Block” los introduced symphony of artist to Virgina, artist like, Stash DB, Corner Boyz, TRB, and many others. He also brought to the arena the hottest R&B group in Virginia Lott 14, and also Mr Brandon Keith.
Los-C is a self starter and self motivated individual that has taken the negative hustle and turned to a positive one. The buzz for this artist is constantly increasing with local fan bases to radio interviews and his own tenacious drive to succeed;
Los-C is defiantly the one to watch for.

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