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Posted March 5, 2013 by BlackIce in News

Welcome to Clean Slate News
Freedom Project

Each year thousands of innocent Americans are put in jail or prison. Wrongful convictions are terrible errors that send innocent people to prison. It costs $20,000 a year or more to keep one person in prison. The U.S. has more innocent prisoners than any other nation. Clean Slate News has an obligation to society as a whole to make sure that justice is done to prosecute the right people, not the innocent. Clean Slate News’ job is to make sure prosecutors do their best to secure substantive justice as opposed to just getting victories. We encourage anyone that has a family member or friend in prison to join the Clean Slate News Freedom Project pro bono program for $35 a month. If anyone have experienced any of the following incidents below, call or write us immediately.

Malicious Prosecution
Racial Profiling
Falsely Accused
Unfair Sentencing
Forced To Plead Guilty

It’s your right to be treated fairly.

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