Kendric Banks – Tatted Up

Posted February 5, 2013 by BlackIce in UnSigned Artist


Bio: born in mobile Alabama November 23 1986 spend a lot of time moving around city to city ended up in Sioux city Iowa playing football also comin from where I was born a lot of bad influence had trouble staying in school as a kid because of the environment I grow up in coming from a single mother of five it was hard for her as a parent to control all of us so before my granny passed away she encourage my mother to send me up North that’s where I ended up goin so it was a blessing for me to move other wise I wouldn’t graduate high school maybe ended up prison are dead My not have the opportunity to do what I’m doin now And that’s music I always had I passion for it just until a few years ago when I realize I do have a talent in music doin shows an making mix tapes people liking what I did really opened my eyes so I’m bring swag crunkness and all de above so with that said thanks for this opportunity …


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