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Haitian American Rap Artist Lil Zoe Born in New Jersey Raised in Miami, Fla. Infatuated by the Life style of Rappers, Thugs, & Drug Dealers Motivated Him to Rap. At age 17 Lil Zoe Started Rapping And realized How easy it was to put his daily Street life into Lyrical form He then began to put his life style and surroundings into Real Rap. Lil Zoe then Created a huge Fan base and Network with local artist, producers, D.j’s and promoter and learn the Business side of the music industry and Created his own label Thv Records (Tru Haitian Vakaboons). Instantly he became a Hood Superstar Networking with Local Artist Such As Dr.Zoe, Cooley Cool, Zoeja Jean, Brisco, Ice Berg, Sean J of (field mob), Pastor Troy & Many Other Southern Rappers. He then joined the Zoe Movement with Big L Entertainment and Zoe pound to push his First Mixtape 16 Blocks Of Pressure Under Big L Entertainment which quickly spreaded in Fla, Atl, Ny, Canada, Paris, & Haiti. 2010 Lil Zoe then Became one of the most anticipated Underground Artist In the South. 2011 He Realeased Z Code Vol.1 which became the Hottest Mixtape In the streets.Lil Zoe is Now working on his 2nd Mixtape Z Code Vol.2 with Artist Future, Pastor Troy, Mac A Zoe, Cash Out, Kaspa Tha Wicked, J Dirty, Chingo Bling, Cooley Cool, Dr.Zoe, Zoeja Jean, Lil Wito, & Many Others. Lil Zoe is now on tour, doing shows Chasing His Superstar Dreams Of a Rich Nigga. Lil Zoe Can Be found on InstaGram: @Lilzoe_ , Twitter: @Lilzoe_ , Facebook: Thv LilZoe ZCode

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